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Looking to sell your car or get out of your vehicle lease?

Talk to the Crossborder team and liquidate your car FAST!

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Take advantage of the high US Dollar

Crossborder have a vast network of USA buyers who want your vehicle.
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Selling your car to Crossborder

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Why should you sell your car to Crossborder?
Competitive Offers

Our staff will determine a fair price based upon the value of your vehicle in the US Market

Fast Service

Get an offer in as little as one hour.  Bring your car in today and leave with payment in hand.

Zero Obligations

No hassles.. no sales pitch.  

Just an offer.

Receive a written offer good for 5 days.

You have 5 days to think about your offer from Crossborder. Take it home, think about it or compare it to other offers you may have.


A cheque can be issued on the spot if you have the necessary paperwork and accessories with you. 

Ready to start?  Schedule your free appraisal at Crossborder


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